About Us

Within the team of iMotion, we are constantly working on the broadcasting landscape of tomorrow. Creating productions with 45+ cameras, we are striving to highlight every angle on 64 squares. With numerous high level chess tournaments under our belt we can provide you with an All-in-one broadcasting solution.

Leaving our mark on the broadcasting landscape of tomorrow.

We want to break with the rules of traditional broadcasting.

With attention to detail and a commitment to providing the best possible broadcast, we are always looking for new ways to innovate, elevate and inspire viewers across the world.

Here at team iMotion we tend to do things differently. No need for an expensive broadcasting solution. We can provide up to 60+ cameras to create the best possible viewing angle for your tournament. With a small team we can adjust quickly and on the spot. We try to embrace the future of cloud streaming, ensuring a camera rich environment.

Next to ensuring as many camera angles as possible we also highly valuate the fun we have and put in to our production. Creating good relations with commentators, behind-the-scenes employees and staff. Our belief is that good relations create the best possible broadcast. Are you ready to defy the traditional broadcasting world with us?

Guiding your tournament through the mazes

Experience the fusion of replay, AI, small cameras and expertise with us

Meet our team

Our small team of professionals cater to every aspect of broadcasting , giving you the best possible solution.

Menno Pals


Lennart Ootes

Founder, renowned photographer

Freek Cool

AI specialist

Lesley Turpijn